A young Cantwell had dreams of becoming a paleontologist or a fashion designer.  Neither dinosaur bones nor thread and fabric would displace her greatest love though – song writing.  From the age of 9, she wrote fervently and constantly. The result is a massive opus of finished lyrics finely crafted to expose her rawest scars, most triumphant victories, deepest secrets and vision for herself in the world.  Few songwriters have such devotion to express themselves as intensely as Cantwell.


The lyrics are Cantwell’s favorite part of songwriting. She loves playing with metaphors, fun concepts, and playful fantasies. While many singers enjoy the live element of performing, Cantwell  loves the intimacy of the recording studio. “There are literally no limits in the recording studio. Today, you can create any sound or concept your mind can come up with.”


That is not to say Cantwell doesn’t revel in the area of performing.  She has sung in various rock bands, at weddings, funerals, coffee shops, festivals and many more since the age of 14.  Cantwell feels comfortable on any stage. Give her a mic and she’ll get the crowd in a lather.  Her stage presence is potent and she loves to entertain.


A more mature Cantwell now sees the power of her own songwriting. While her lyrics have always had meaning, she now desires to connect directly with listeners. She writes and creates with greater purpose. Drawing from recent adversity as well as latent burdens, she writes from a place of resilience. As a songwriter, she feels it is her responsibility to share what she has learned in her precious time on Earth. And, it doesn’t hurt that her melodies are catchy, and her voice is strong.


Working closely with New Jersey’s own master producer Don Michael Jr. has been an excellent partnership. Their now 15-year friendship and creative relationship blooms with every new song. Cantwell’s latest album, “Hearing Things”, (released in most major digital stores, December 2017) is a perfect display of their thriving chemistry.  


You’ll want to stay tightly tuned to the station playing Cantwell. She is currently back in the recording studio ready to release her most mature, melodic work yet. “I already have the album title, video concepts and other details planned for this project.” She’s always creating ways to figuratively “jump” higher, sing better, and write from a more honest place. 


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