Cantwell is her stage name, legal last name, and mask all at once. Performing with that name, she is able to be part herself and part a character. “When I perform as ‘Cantwell’, there’s pride, pain, and glory.” Having been recently divorced, getting her maiden name back and recording her most recent album has been a journey she’ll not soon forget. “Hearing Things”, a collection of 13 brand new songs, is both triumphant and revealing. “Hearing Things” can mean listening to songs, hearing rumors, and it also has psychotic connotations. She loves multiple meanings, both in her art and in her life.

Starting with the intro track, “Hear This From Hell” she assures the listener that she is “very much alive!”. That is the message she wanted to convey before spilling her heart on the following 12 tracks. “Hearing Things” is a deeply personal project, but that is where she is most comfortable.

Cantwell is no stranger to personal lyrics or being vulnerable. Having written hundreds of songs in her songwriting lifetime, she knows what it takes to be real and forthcoming with her audience. “I’m not so much interested in pretty wordplay as I am with honesty.” While she does play metaphorically in songs such as “Metal Petals”she also gives it to you straight on songs like “Wanted”. Cantwell thinks of songwriting as a game; one she enjoys playing very much. Each lyric is carefully put together and built for reason. Citing Mariah Carey, Robert Smith of The Cure, and Lady Gaga as some of her favorites she toys with their styles, as well as imagines how they might say what she can’t. “If I can’t find a way to say or sing something, I might ask myself ‘How would X ARTIST say this?” and then BAM the floodgates open.” 

    Cantwell is prepared and ready for her bright musical future. Having a newfound Faith and relationship with God, she knows she is destined for more. “Whether it’s performing for my church, or having my songs downloaded by millions, I know I’m meant to be heard.”